Preciosa Coated Seed Beads 11/0 Rocailles-Round Hole,Beads,Seed Beads-83119 Opaque Yellow Limon Rose Luster PRCS11/0-148,

SKU: 83119-110-PRCS11/0-148
PRECIOSA Rocailles are the most used type of glass seed beads. They were created in Venice, Italy in the 15th century. These beads have been produced industrially in Bohemia since the 18th century.

These round-shaped seed beads are manufactured using unique technology for cutting glass tubes with round or square holes into various sized pieces which are then rounded and polished when hot and subsequently classed by size and shape.

The PRECIOSA Rocailles are produced in sizes from 1.5 mm to 8 mm and the sizes of the Czech PRECIOSA seed beads are stated using the traditional so-called zero series. The regular sizes range from the smallest 16/0 through to the largest 1/0, beads listed here are 11/0.

12 Strung coated each package approximately 36 grs.

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