Bead Mats

7 products

    Create a comfortable work space on any table or tray and prevent your beads from rolling away! Super-soft, foam-like material is ideal when working with small beads. These super sized mats measure 13 x 13 inches, and are washable.
    7 products
    Beadsmith Bead Mat 13 x 13 inch large bead mats by The Bead Smith
    Beadsmith 11X14IN Seed Bead Mat W/ 7 Cavities
    The Beadsmith Elements Bracelet & Anklet Design Bead Board
    The Beadsmith Bead Board, Grey Flocked, 3 U-Shaped Channels
    Bead Loom Kit
    Beadsmith Macrame Board
    Beadsmith Large Macrame Board