90 cm Strand Natural Freeform Turquoise Chips, Long strand 36'', beads, gemstone beads,


Check out this amazing strand of high-quality stone beads made of authentic turquoise. This brilliant and unique color will add an unmistakable accent to your jewelry designs. These beads are cut and polished in a beautiful chips shape. Turquoise stone has been treasured since time immemorial as a protective talisman. Interestingly, it derives it's name in the English language from the Turks who were the first to introduce it to the Western World.

Beads measure approximately 6 x 12mm, with holes measuring 1mm. Each strand is approximately 36 long. Get yours today!

You can see some sample bracelets and Necklaces,on my pictures

You can see sample bracelets and necklaces done by us on pictures.

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